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Another ISP change, hopefully the last for a while.
Hopefully all links work.
Because of the huge amount of spam, viruses and worms I received when having my e-mail adress as a clickable "mailto:"
link, I have decided to test just exposing my address on a gif image at the bottom of each page.

September   Removed some non-working URLs in the link section.
Added info on the (apparently) European only CD release of the Bar-Kays 1982 album "Propositions".
Hopefully "Nightcruising" will be released soon too.
It's a mystery why it's not out on CD.

Checked links and added some.
Due to theCounter starting to charge people for the use of their web counters, I had to change to SiteMeter instead.
So the counter on the first page is not 100% accurate anymore. As if it matters :)
Updated the Bar-Kays page "Where are they now" with some new info on Harvey Henderson and Winston Stewart.

September   Added info on the current activities of the Bar-Kays' Frank Thompson.

Checked and fixed broken links.
Added URL to Mavis Staples's new agency:

January   Checked external links and found that the link to Mavis Staples's official site doesn't work anymore. I'll keep an eye out to see if it resurfaces and if so, will add a link to it.
I've been getting a lot of mails regarding Mavis's "Christmas
Vacation" the title track of the 80's comedy movie starring Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo. Thanks to Donita Denton, who wrote an e-mail to me, I can now offer a link to a site where the CD "Ultimate Christmas Album, Volume 3" (with "Christmas Vacation") can be ordered:
July   Added a link to Sandra St. Victor's personal, official site  www.sandrastvictor.com. It's a great resource for all things related to Sandra, but unfortunately those of you who have a dial-up connection to the Internet will most likely have trouble accessing it, as the site demands a DSL or cable connection (high bandwidth). The site is not for Netscape Navigator users and relies heavily on Flash.

May Time flies and no updates, except for the occasional checking of links. It seems my site has become another one of those "never-updated" ones that I hate myself. :-)
Well, life's just busier now than it was a few years ago. 
I still have hope to find more time and be able to add material. :-)
Thanks to everyone who have mailed me and are concerned about my health, since the site is no longer as up-to-date as it used to be. I am fine, but thank you for asking.
If you would like to contribute by helping me update discographies, please don't hesitate to contact me
Please, make sure that your mail software is set up with your e-mail address in the "from"-field. I get several nice mails a month which I can't respond to because the person mailing me has forgot to configure their email clients with a return address.
December Friends! It's been a busy year for yours truly. So busy in fact that I haven't had the time to add very much new material. I am sorry about that.
The pages have obviously moved to a new location. I changed ISP, since I was not very happy with the previous one. If you use the redirect URL (http://go.to/funkyflyy/), as opposed to the actual URL of a page, you will not risk losing track of this site as it may move again. I hope it will stay on this server for a while, but I am a picky customer, so there's no guarantee. :-)
If you find any broken links, please let me know.
May I was thrilled to learn that one of my all-time favorite guitarists, the legendary Wah Wah Watson, not only has got a website of his own, but a new CD (!), which features fine musicians like Ray Parker, Jr., James Gadson, David T. Walker, "Ready" Freddie Washington and Herbie Hancock. If you, like I, think Wah Wah is "the man", you'll enjoy his site http://www.wahwah.com. Also, check out the excellent interview with Wah Wah on Emagic.
October Added a new interview with Eric Benét
August Added items to Taka Boom's discography.
May    Re-designed the site and added a new artist; Lynden David Hall.
    Taka Boom's pages have been updated with loads of new information.


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